Prince Harry, Tatler Magazine

Alan Gelati/Tatler Magazine

Hang on. A fully-clothed member of the royal family taking the cover of a nontabloid magazine? Will wonders never cease.

Prince Harry (or "Dirty Harry," as he's been so respectfully dubbed by Tatler) is the British society magazine's November cover boy, earning their title of Strip Billiard Player Man of the Year.

Hard to argue with the selection. Or a man in uniform. (Well, unless your name is Morrissey, maybe.)

And while Prince Harry looks undoubtedly dapper in his dress whites, alas, the magazine opted not to run with the year's most famous infamous photo of the party prince. (Of course, we have yet to see the full, um, spread, so that photo may turn up yet in the publication's pages.)

As for that swoon-worthy cover shot, it was taken earlier this year, during his Diamond Jubilee trip to the Bahamas.

There's no telling if the 28-year-old royal is aware of his year-ending honor, as he remains on active service in Afghanistan.


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