Warcraft Panda Bear, Jake Lacy, Rebel Wilson

Peter Iovino/Universal Pictures; Byron Cohen/NBC; Blizzard

The vastness of Internet space doesn't always make the planet feel smaller, but it certainly makes it easy to ogle cool stuff from other countries while loafing on the nearest Ikea fold-out. For example, the images of eclectically dressed dancers in the awesome new Solange video are 10 times as engaging for being filmed on the streets of Cape Town—you couldn't CGI your way to something this cool.

It's actually satellite TV we should be thanking for bringing the irresistible El Classico soccer match-up to the American masses. A few years ago, we might have told Lionel Messi to take his helmet-less kicking antics elsewhere while we clung fast to our timeworn Vikings-vs.-Packers angst. Now we're throwing full-on parties to watch this thing.

Mind you, only a computer (powered by the faceless geeks at Blizzard) could deliver us to a place like World of Warcraft's Pandaria, where fuzzy creatures who are NOT voiced by Jack Black somehow keep us coming back for more (and more) anthropomorphic martial arts nonsense.

These and other, more domestically rooted diversions are what's keeping us glued to our screens of choice this week. Check out the full list and chime in with your comments.

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