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See Daryl Hannah's Dramatic Protest Showdown With Giant Excavator

Darryl Hanna Arrest Courtesy of Steven Da Silva

If this were a movie, it might be called The 50 Foot Woman vs. the Mechanical Monster!

Following her bust Thursday on suspicion of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest while protesting the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, pictures have now surfaced of Daryl Hannah staring down a giant land excavator.

The 51-year-old actress and advocate put herself in harms way in hopes of preventing the construction vehicle from digging up the earth on Texas farmer Eleanor Fairchild's ranch in Winnsboro, about 100 miles east of Dallas.

Daryl Hannah arrested on the protest beat again

Darryl Hanna Arrest Courtesy of Steven Da Silva

Hannah and the 78-year-old landowner engaged in civil disobedience to call attention to Keystone XL owner, TransCanada, which has been using eminent domain laws to build the toxic tar sands pipeline through the latter's property.

"I couldn't be prouder to take a stand with my new inspiration, Eleanor," Hannah said in a statement shortly after the two were released from jail. "We're rising up to defend homes here and now, because if a multinational corporation like TransCanada can come in and steal private property from Texans, then they'll do it to anyone."

Daryl was arrested while protesting mountaintop coal mining in West Virginia, too

The Splash star added: " Texans do not want this toxic export pipeline coming through and compromising their soil and water. Texas has already experienced a tragic and epic drought. We cannot afford to compromise our water supply for a multinational corporation's profits."

As a longtime environmental activist, this isn't the first time Hannah's been taken away in cuffs for a cause she believes in,  having previously been a member of a group that was arrested protesting the Keystone pipeline in Washington, D.C., in August 2011.

Here's a video of the pair in action.

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