Barack Obama, Mitt Romney


Last night marked the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and while major attention was given to policy issues and speech delivery, our eyes couldn't help but focus on the fashion.

President Obama, known for stepping out in classic, custom-tailored suits by Hartmarx (a Chicago-based company that just so happens to be the largest suit maker in the country) stayed true to his signature style and opted for a stately blue tie with a faint moire pattern, leaving for little distraction.

Blue ties are associated with feelings of trustworthiness and calm, an important visual message to send during this time. And while we wish Obama would spice things up with a skinny tie now and then, we commend the commander in chief for consistency while eyes are on him.

On the other hand, Romney stepped up to the podium wearing a bold red striped tie that showed fervor and confidence, and a suit more tailored to his frame than his usual garb, which can seem a little oversized.

The fashion choice by the former Massachusetts governor is significant as he has worn blue ties for 18 of the 19 Republican presidential primary debates; the last time we saw him in red in a debate this cycle was in September 2011. Talk about a political fashion statement!

So all politics aside, tell us what you think! Which candidate looked more presidential last night?

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