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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Still Not Going Public, but Soon to Recouple for Breaking Dawn 2 Blitz

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Humberto Carreno/; FameFlynet

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting back together. At least, professionally.

While reports continue to circulate that the two have reconciled in the wake of a certain cheating scandal, the couple has kept their public lives pretty separate.

But it looks like that is about to change pretty dramatically as we get closer to the November release of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Moving van at Robsten's home amid reconciliation reports

The international promotional tour for the flick is scheduled to begin in late October and will include stops in Australia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Norway, a rep for Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the movie, confirms to E! News.

Along for the ride? Taylor Lautner and, you guessed it, Pattinson and Stewart.

Meanwhile, back here in the States, Pattinson opted to make Sunday a boys' night out when he attended a Black Keys concert at The Sayers Club in Hollywood with a few male friends.

In other words, sans Stewart, despite the fact that she is back in Los Angeles after returning from Paris on Friday.

"Perched on top of a booth, Robert Pattinson was seen sipping cocktails and engaged in the music, often catching him mouthing the lyrics and smiling," a rep for the club told E! News. "His spirits were great and you could tell he was comfortable and content. He truly looked happy."

—Reporting by Marc Malkin

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