Emmy Awards, Aaron Paul

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Husbands of the world, Aaron Paul has just the romantic gift your wife has been missing: He will happily call her up on the phone and call her a "bitch" for you. You. Are. Welcome!

The hilarious (and unfiltered...and did we mention dead sexy?) Breaking Bad fan favorite had some fun backstage after winning his second Emmy, revealing that every day he gets approached by fans asking him to do some form of his character Jesse's catchphrase, "Yeah, bitch."

"Husbands come up to me and say, 'Will you please please call my wife and call her a bitch? Please, she would die. She would die.' [And I say,] 'Yeah, sure, please.'"

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Aaron was "shocked" to take home another supporting-acting Emmy, and disappointed Breaking Bad didn't take home a win for Drama Series, which it has never done. (Mad Men's four-time winning streak was finally broken, but by Showtime's also deserving Homeland.)

"I so want it to win!" he told me. "I really, in all honestly, I think Breaking Bad deserves it. I wanna see Vince Gilligan up there accepting that award. I would cry…They do great work and I'm just proud to be a part of it."

And so proud of his second Emmy statue, the 33-year-old actor planned to take the massive chunk of metal through airport security this morning as he flew back to London for work. "I've done it before…This thing is a weapon! These wings are like knives. And believe it or not, this is fine. But lipgloss…now that is a problem."

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