Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Mug Shot

West Hollywood Sheriff; Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have lots in common. Both are former child stars. Both have seriously bad motoring skills. And Goodyear is hoping to cash in do something about it.

The tire company is inviting both troubled starlets to Goodyear's headquarters in Akron, Ohio, to take part in free one-on-one private driving lessons with professional drivers so they can learn the "do's and don'ts of driving safely."

And the best part? The firm promises no paparazzi allowed.

"We're sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap," begins the letter from Goodyear executive Chris Curran in a veiled reference to the alleged hit-and-runs both actresses have been accused of recently. "As a public figure, the spotlight is always on you, and it's even more important for you to know the basics when getting in the driver's seat."

Concerned that Lohan and Bynes might be a risk to themselves and the driving public (though a judge in Bynes' case has disputed that notion), the rubber barons proposed to fly both out for educational instruction on Goodyear's test track with its professional drivers.

"Once you get a few laps under your belt, you'll even be able to show Herbie the Lovebug a thing or two," Curran quipped to LiLo, alluding to her Disney flick.

Additionally, the firm promised that its local dealers are available to give Lohan and Bynes free vehicles inspections and even replace their tires with Goodyear's.

So far neither has taken up Goodyear on the publicity stunt offer.

Lohan, of course, was accused this week of leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly hitting a bystander outside a New York hotel. Bynes, meanwhile, is facing two misdemeanor hit-and-run counts stemming from two spearate incidents earlier this year.

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