Liz and Dick, Poster


Talk about timing!

On the same day Lindsay Lohan was arrested again—this time for leaving the scene of an accident in New York after allegedly swiping a man with her car—the poster for LiLo's highly anticipated Lifetime flick, Liz & Dick, has hit the web. And according to its ad copy, the film (or the star) promises to be "controversial" and "provocative," as well have include "scandal" and "paparazzi."

We'll see about that, but in any case Lohan looks ravishing as the late Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, wearing an elegant black dress, diamonds and red lipstick.

Sound familiar?

Given the 26-year-old starlet's travails with the tabloids it should. Though unlike Lohan, Taylor's love of jewelry seemed somewhat less problematic.

Liz & Dick premieres on Lifetime Nov. 3.

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