We can't wait to hear what Anderson Cooper has to say about Lindsay Lohan today.

Just hours before the actress was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident in New York City, the Anderson Live host just happened to bring up on Tuesday's show how LiLo had taken to Twitter to gripe about fellow troubled star Amanda Bynes.

"If I'm Lindsay Lohan, I would just be quiet and just do your job," Anderson said. "Get off Twitter, just stop hanging out, and just do your job and come back. Everyone loves a comeback. Everyone's rooting for you."

Cooper was referring to the tweet that Lohan sent out on Sunday shortly after news broke that Bynes' driving issues had come to a head over the weekend when she was pulled over, cited for driving with a suspended license and had her car impounded.

"Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?" Lohan complained.

Actually, in light of Lohan's latest potential legal woes, forget what Cooper has to say today. We'd actually love to hear from Bynes!

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