Ryan Reynolds

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Now's not the time to play coy. Unfortunately, that's not how Ryan Reynolds sees it.

While his brand-spanking-new wife Blake Lively yesterday returned to work on Gossip Girl, and thus gave the world a picture-perfect shot of her gigantic wedding ring, her husband has opted for a slightly more demure approach, making sure to keep his bejeweled hand under wraps while making the rounds in upstate New York.

While Ryan accompanied his wife to work yesterday, today the 35-year-old newlywed opted to go solo and was spotted leaving a workout session in upstate New York.

And while his muscles were on show (cheers for that), Ryan did his level best to otherwise remain out of view.

Among his rather effective incognito tactics: Wearing his cap low on his head to obscure his face and, even more shot-blockingly, making sure to keep his motorcycle glove on his left hand at all times to prevent paparazzi from getting a shot of his own wedding ring.

Meanwhile, as quiet as the low-key couple managed to keep their vow swap, they were apparently even more hush-hush with their abbreviated honeymoon, as People reports that the couple spent the first few days of their newly wedded bliss in the rolling countryside of Little Washington, Va.

With secret-keeping skills like that, we won't hold our breath to see that ring.

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