Candy-corn flavored Oreos, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dog-shaming

Nabisco;; Paramount

All you Geminis out there—this is your time to shine. Duality is where it's at, whether you favor existential mind-wrestling between your past and future self or grappling with the bold treat-gobbling inversion that is candy corn-flavored Oreos. In case you haven't heard of these newfangled Frankencookies yet, we're gonna pause for a sec so you can go back, reread that bit and fully comprehend what it means for your snacking career and the snacking career of those around you. Wwwww. Owwww. Wwwwww.

In other dualistic developments, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time is now totally and officially peaking as the world's most perfect union of kid-friendly animation and smart, ageless creative mojo. Don't believe us? Ask the cavalcade of showbiz experts who've guested on the show so far, from Neil Patrick Harris to Biz Markie.

While you're at it, revisit the age-old question of which sultry teen diva you love best: Britney or Christina (they're squaring off all over again on TV)?

Check out all of our current pop-culture obsessions (including dog-shaming and vintage Spielberg). Then double down and read them again. In a funny voice, maybe. 

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