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Emma Watson's post-Harry Potter debut is officially a success. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, adapted from the much-read novel, won't hit theaters until next week but the movie is already earning rave reviews.

And, in Hollywood, when you get a certain amount of praise there's only one thing to do: make a sequel!

"I've thought about it," writer-director Stephen Chbosky revealed at the premiere of the film. "And I'll tell you, honest truth, not in terms of the book, but I love these kids so much that I kind of want to bring them together one more time."

Those kids (besides Watson, who Chbosky said he definitely wants to work with again) include Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller, stepping into the shoes of high school outsiders in the classic coming-of-age tale.

"I think it was probably more stressful because I felt so connected and it was so personal," Stephen told us about adapting his own material (he wrote the book the movie is based on). "It's such a personal story to me and I knew what it meant for the fans, so I would have been very, very sad if I messed it up."

But he didn't. And fans will surely be eagerly anticipating another installment in the story. First, Stephen will be writing a horror novel (in the vein of another Stephen: King, he says) that he will also adapt to the big screen.

And though he's cracked the Hollywood market and could probably have his pick of actors attached to his next project, Stephen says he isn't campaigning for anyone just yet—he has to put pen to paper first.

"I like to write characters first," Chbosky explained about whether he was writing with any actors in mind. "And then find the perfect people to play them."

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