Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, Kristin Cavallari

Todd Williamson, Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Another day, another bout of Twitter drama! And the name of the game this time names!

New mama Kristin Cavallari caught some flack today when she tweeted about the name of even newer mom Vanessa Lachey's baby: Camden!

"Apparently Camden is a popular name!" the former The Hills star tweeted this morning (FYI, Kristin's new son shares the same name), which sparked allegations of jealousy and bitchery...a sentiment that wouldn't be such a far cry from her days on MTV.

But Kristin says it wasn't so: "By the way that wasn't a bitchy tweet at all...I obviously love the name and I'm glad other people do too."

Can't all the celebuspawn just get along?! We think so. At least until their reality TV debut. Hey, between Newlyweds for Camden Lachey and The Hills for Kristin's kiddo, it's in their DNA!

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