Cougar Town


Break out the vino, it's Cougar Town time!

Thanks to the awesomeness of TBS, our cul-de-sac crew survived cancellation and will be returning to us in just a few short months. Oh, you want an actual premiere date, you say?! Well, you're in luck, because the show just announced its season three return date.

And, of course, this being Cougar Town, they did it through the power of song. (Have we mentioned how much we lurve this show?)

Mark those calendars, clean those wine glasses, and start practicing your penny can skills because Cougar Town returns Tuesday, Jan. 8!

Courteney Cox, Josh Hopkins, Busy Philipps and the rest of the crew decide to perform a little song, aptly titled "We're Back," to celebrate the good news, singing, "We're back, we're back, and the show is very funny! We're back, we're back, and we're still making money!"

Of course, they hit a snag when they realize nothing rhymes with Tuesday, but luckily, they got some special guests to come in (Oh, hi Community's Danny Pudi!) to make up for it.

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