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    Dark Knight Money Fight: Christopher Nolan Sues Agents Over Movie Profits

    Christopher Nolan Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

    Here's a memento from Christopher Nolan's big-screen success he could surely do without—a legal headache.

    Just days after The Dark Knight Rises crossed the billion-dollar mark at the worldwide box office, the acclaimed director and his producing partner wife, Emma Thomas, are asking a judge to settle a row between rival Hollywood talent agencies over commissions the pair owe them.

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    Read the court documents here

    Per court docs obtained by E! News, Nolan and Thomas deposited said commissions with Los Angeles Superior Court so that it may decide what share of that money belong to his former agents at CAA and which should go to his current reps at WME.

    The filmmaker went the legal route after the latter agency claimed a hefty chunk of the profits for "servicing" movies that his company Syncopy initiated through their old agents at CAA.

    Nolan and Thomas stressed that they have every intention to pay their rightful share, but they're afraid that should they pony up fees to CAA, then WME would sue them for failure to pay the same.

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    The duo seeks a judgment by the court on the distribution of the money so Nolan and Thomas won't "be compelled to become involved in the actual or potential disputes" and will be "discharged from liability."

    Attorneys for CAA and WME were unavailable for comment.

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