Michelle Obama's DNC Speech: What Celebs Are Saying

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Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Michelle Obama wowed cable news pundits with her opening night speech at the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday night.

But media types weren't the only ones fawning over the self-proclaimed "mom in chief." According to Twitter, mentions of the first lady's speech peaked at 28,003 tweets per minute at its conclusion, nearly twice the high of 14,289 TPM mentioning Mitt Romney when he addressed the Republican National Convention last Thursday.

And you can bet that a number of celebrities tweeted their takes on the first lady's riveting speech. Here's what they had to say about FLOTUS:

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Eva Longoria: "Me and Ashley Judd with Alfre Woodard who was in tears after Michelle Obama speech!"

Elizabeth Banks: "Michelle Obama straight killed it for me. Super girl crushing on the first lady! 'so young….so in debt'; me too! #DNC2012"

Adam Shankman: "Watching @MichelleObama speech now. Smart, beautiful, TRUTHFULL, eloquent, powerful, responsible. I'm proud, and continue to be hopeful."

Bill Maher: #MicheleObama - wow! After that speech, look out Hillary she may beat ya to the white house"

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Adrian Grenier: "We are so lucky to have a first lady such as @MichelleObama she inspires me; a nation's mom with solid value"

Jenna Dewan Tatum: "Wow what an amazing speech. So inspiring. @MichelleObama should've just dropped the mike and sashayed off that stage"

Roger Ebert: "Tonight I am so proud to be an American, and a Democrat."

Amber Patrice Riley: My First Lady is First class all the way. That speech was inspiring. She is everything I aspire to be."

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Octavia Spencer: "FLOTUS speech #DNC2012 reminds us that  @BarackObama isn't detached from the needs of the middle class! Tonight Bill Clinton!!!"

Ricky Martin: "Such a beautiful and powerful speech!!! Real! Honest! Emotional! Passionate! Thank you First Lady"

Katherine Schwarzenegger: "Woah! @MichelleObama killed it!! Best speech I've ever heard!! Loved that she spoke about the president as a dad husband and a man! Amazing!"

Cher: "OMG! Just Watched Michelle Obama Speak & am Completely Overwhelmed!She Was Amazing! She is Truly a"FIRST LADY"! A Woman to Admire & Emulate!"

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Chris Rock: "You know what, i don't even care anymore, make Michelle Obama the President of the whole dam world. #DNC #FLOTUS"

Janelle Monáe: "Michelle Obama's words and thoughts at DNC were very moving. Resonated deeply with me."

Michael Ian Black: "Michelle Obama is inspiring me to support my president, but more importantly, to buy some Crest White Strips. #dnc2012"

Cedric the Entertainer: "The Queen @MichelleObama Ripped!! The DNC convention tonite, I believe that's the same spot we taped Kings of Comedy!   #I'mjusysay'n"

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