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Bachelor Pad Recap: The Final Two Couples Are Revealed

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Bachelor Pad

It's the episode before the Bachelor Pad finale!

The last four remaining couples competed in a challenge tonight to see who will continue toward the big money (or love) next week, but it wouldn't be true Bachelor fashion without a sudden twist. The winner of tonight's challenge got a huge trip—instead of getting roses going into the ceremony, they got to eliminate one couple immediately.


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The challenge was as follows: One member of each team sat on a swing suspended above the pool while their partner was asked Bachelor and Bachelor Pad trivia questions. After three wrong answers, the partner on the swing was dropped into the pool.

Unfortunately, Blakely and Tony were the first to lose (and she made sure to let us know she was freaking out about it). Rachel and Nick followed, and then Ed and Jaclyn, which meant that Sarah and Chris—the most hated couple in the house—were victors two weeks in a row.

Chris seemed very happy about what would come next. "I have the opportunity to shatter someone's dreams," he said.

What a peach!

Remember that time when working at Hooters helped Blakeley for a challenge?

Chris and Sarah sent Blakeley and Tony home, which made Blakeley seem like she was about to pass out, but it is what it is. We couldn't spend too much time consoling her, it was time for another competition—yes, another competition.

The remaining three couples arrived at the Palladium Theater. After only 24 hours of practice, each couple had to hit the stage for an '80s karaoke contest.

Nick and Rachel go first, and although they can't sing for the life of them, they had fun on stage. And that alone made us into it. Up next, was Ed and Jaclyn. Unfortunately, they weren't as eventful. Well, until their last hope was to pretend to do a striptease and make sexual movements with each other in an effort to bring their performance back up. It didn't work.

Chris and Sarah surprisingly didn't suck. And that got everyone else peeved. "I think we're just like really really good at stuff," Sarah so thoughtfully explained.

Who are the top three guys up for The Bachelor?

Night Ranger got to choose the winner, and thankfully (for the sake of something unpredictable) Nick and Rachel were named the champs! So whom will they pick to join them in the finale?

The obvious guess would be Jaclyn and Ed since Rachel and Jaclyn are BFFs, but this is Bachelor Pad, a show where loyalty and friendships mean nothing.

And that's when Ed and Jaclyn got sent home.

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