Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth's Red Dawn: "They Were Awesome!"

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    RED DAWN, Chris Hemsworth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Connor Cruise
    RED DAWN, Chris Hemsworth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Connor Cruise Courtesy of Open Road Films

    It's been almost four years since Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson shot the Red Dawn remake.

    You know, before Hemsworth hit it big with Thor, and Hutcherson did the same with The Hunger Games.

    But because of some problems at MGM, the action flick's release was put on hold…until now.

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    RED DAWN, Chris Hemsworth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Courtesy of Open Road Films

    Red Dawn hits theaters on Nov. 21.

    "And now they've obviously turned into these franchise players with Thor and Hunger Games," costar Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells us. "It's a great movie, but if we have two big movie stars in it, that's done nothing but help us."

    And only we have exclusive new photos from the movie that shows all of them in action, including Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's son, Connor, in his first major film role.

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    "They were awesome," Morgan says of the young cast. "All the kids in the movie were awesome. No one ever complained on the movie."

    Even if they had to shoot in the middle of winter in Michigan. As we first told you earlier this week, first-time director, stunt veteran Dan Bradley, encouraged everyone to do their own stunts.

    "When you have a bunch of young actors out there jumping from rooftop to rooftop, they're fired up as all hell," Morgan said. "It wasn't a bad thing. It's what actors love to do."

    The original 1984 movie, starring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey and C. Thomas Howell, takes places during World War III when a group of high schoolers come together to defend their town against the Soviet Union.

    Morgan says not much has changed in the remake. "It's pretty close with the exception of not being Russia doing the invasion," he said. "Now, it's North Korea."

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