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Revenge, Sunday Night Football, The Good Wife, Family Guy

Vivian Zink/ABC; Fox; ZUMA Press; David Giesbrecht/CBS

Sunday is a doozy, TV watchers. A big chunk of the best dramas on TV right now are all occupying Sunday, and that also means they have to go up against one of the greatest pastimes in American history: Sunday Night Football.

Behold the jam-packed list of new and returning shows filling up your Sunday nights, and just try to pick one from each time slot to watch live. Do you dare send Emily Thorne to the DVR, or is Revenge too good to not watch live? Of course, if you are an NFL-addict, then we know what your Sunday nights are going to look like. Take the poll below, and tell us what you'll be watching live on the night before you return to the work week grind.