Meghan McCain

Courtesy: Daniel Swartz/Revamped Media.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney isn't the only GOP politico with good-looking spawn (we're talking about you, Josh Romney).

Senator John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain's smokin' looks have earned her the title of our Hot Republican of the Day!

The buxom blonde has been looking great while strutting her stuff down in Tampa for the Republican National Convention. Last night, Meghan showed off her curves in a belted black dress while hosting the Got Your 6 event to benefit military veterans.

While she's sexy on the outside, Meghan is just as fiery when it comes to her not-so-standard Republican views.

The 27-year-old Columbia University graduate is very liberal when it comes to social issues and often speaks out against more traditionally conservative views shared by her party.

Meghan is an advocate for gay marriage and has posed for the NOH8 Campaign. While she is pro-life, she's in favor of sex education and birth control. Meghan also butted heads with her father over Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law, which she objected to.

Gotta love a girl who speaks her mind!

We also recently caught up with Meghan about her thoughts on this week's RNC.

"Anne Romney I thought was just really warm and came across really likeable and really told her story about she and Governor Romney really well," the lovely lady told E! News. "I love that she was talking about women and moms and sisters and wives. As a Republican woman, it felt like she was talking directly to me."

"Paul Ryan last night, I just thought he just went for the jugular with [Barack] Obama, which is what I love," she continued. "I love red meat to the wolves. I love when anyone will call Obama out on his failed policies."

And listen up, boys, because this sizzling lady is single and on the prowl!

"On a side note from all the political discussion—one of the pluses of being at the RNC are all the cute republican guys around," Meghan tweeted from Tampa earlier today.

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