Ryan Lochte

Doug Meszler / Splash News

Leave it to Ryan Lochte to make us swoon and say aww with the snap of one single pic!

The Olympic gold medalist (and potential future reality TV star!) hugged a sweet rescue dog named Woody on Access Hollywood Live Thursday morning.

Lochte flashed his signature smile (sans grill!) and wore a bright red polo to show off those bulging biceps.

Since returning from across the pond, Ryan has made countless television appearances and even partied in Vegas with Prince Harry last weekend. Although he avoided Harry's nude photo fate, the champion athlete did have a chance to race the prince in the pool.

Luckily, Ryan was "kinda happy" that he didn't receive an invite to the wild afterparty turned nude billiard romp in Harry's suite.

Smart move, Ry—nothing says "wholesome Olympian" like an endearing pic with a pooch!

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