Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, Blanket Jackson. TJ Jackson

Krista Kennell/Sipa USA; JSN Photography/Getty Images

Finally some peace in the Jackson family!

On Wednesday, Katherine Jackson and T.J. Jackson's co-guardianship was granted by Judge Mitchell Beckloff. T.J., Michael Jacksons nephew, was awarded temporary custody of the late singer's children Prince, Paris and Blanket last month.

T.J.'s lawyer Charles Shultz tells E! News the ruling "is what we expected. This is what the family wanted and what is in the best interest of the children."

Katherine's attorney Sandra Ribera adds that she and her client "are very happy" with the judge's decision.

The hearing itself was not without surprises. Judge Beckloff told the court he had just received a 3-page letter from Diana Ross in which she discusses her relationship with Michael and his children. Ross is named in the will as the next person to take over as guardian if 82-year-old Katherine is unable to fulfill her duties.

Anthony and Debra Jackson, two family members whose relationship to Michael is unclear, wanted to postpone Wednesday's hearing. They appeared in court and told the judge they thought it was unfair for Katherine to share guardianship with T.J.

While Judge Beckloff patiently listened to their opinions, he did not agree to postpone the hearing. He did, however, ask T.J. if he'd consider opening up a dialogue with these relatives regarding visitation of the children.

After reviewing a confidential report from an evaluator that met with Prince and Paris, Judge Beckloff said he felt confident he was making the right decision.

"It is clear to me from the report that the children have a very strong and loving relationship with both T.J. Jackson and Katherine," he said.

We hope this can finally mark the end to the Jackson family drama.

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