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    Tareq and Michaele Salahi Finalize Divorce

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    Tareq Salahi, Michaele Salahi
    Tareq Salahi, Michaele Salahi Paul Morigi/Getty Images

    There'll be no more White House party crashing for these two.

    Tareq and Michaele Salahi finalized their divorce Monday, per NVDaily.com. According to their divorce decree, there's a prenup and a postnup which divides all of the former spouses' assets.

    "After all these years, finally where I always wanted to be, with Neal Schon," Michaele told E! News exclusively. "I am thankful that I was able to get everyone to talk and resolve it!"  

    Michaele and Neal settle up with Tareq

    Tareq's request for a $50 million personal injury lawsuit was even settled. He requested the money from Journey and the band's guitarist Schon, the man Michaele left him for in September. According to NVDaily.com, Michaele also dropped her $850,000 counter suit against Tareq. She previously accused him of calling her "a groupie slut" during a TV interview last year.

    Tareq told reporters he was texting with Michaele during Monday's hearing. "We're friends," he said of his ex. "We had 11 good years together."

    "I feel good it's behind me," added the former Real Housewives of D.C. husband. "I'm only looking forward to the future. I'm going to focus on the campaign for governor." He plans to campaign for the Republican nomination for Virginia state governor next year.

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    Michaele's new man, Schon said in a statement: "I was never concerned about the $50 million lawsuit as I knew it was always about their divorce. It's over. I win, she's with me. I wish Tareq the best with his candidacy."

    Don't stop believing.

    —Additional reporting by Jimmy Chairman

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