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    Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy: Another Day, Another Sweet PDA

    Conor Kennedy, Taylor Swift

    If you've got it, flaunt it. And Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have clearly got a whole lot of love for each other.

    While just yesterday we were treated to aw-worthy photos of the pair getting kissy on Cape Cod, it seems their weekend foray into unabashed PDA continued apace.

    The cuddly couple was back out in Hyannis Port, Mass., where they were once again snapped making the rounds together. But tonsil hockey wasn't the only sport they got up to during their day out.

    Check out Taylor and Conor's weekend PDA

    After a spot of lunch, and a chivalrous kiss on the forehead for her troubles afterward, Taylor was also spotted getting her game on, practicing her moves with some outdoor volleyball.

    Later, the suddenly inseparable couple strolled through town and stocked up on some snacks, with the 18-year-old Kennedy scion, ever the gentleman, helping his girlfriend unscrew the cap on her water bottle. We're sure she loosened it, though.

    Conor Kennedy, Taylor Swift

    While their cozy weekend sure seems like Camelot, it wasn't without its more sobering moments, as the 22-year-old also reportedly accompanied Conor and about a dozen members of the family to the grave of his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, for something of an impromptu memorial service.

    At one point, Swift helped her boyfriend of two months clear the overgrown brush from her grave. Which is sweeter than any PDA, any day.

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