Missy Franklin, Twitpic


From queen of the pool to lord lady of the rings.

Missy Franklin is an Olympic champion and if her heavy medal haul (four golds, thankyouverymuch) didn't prove that enough already, then her newly tattooed body sure does.

Fresh off making a splash in London, the Team USA swimmer took to Twitter to show off the true mark of a winner: her Olympic rings ink.

"All inked up! AHH! Can't believe it! My one and only!" the 17-year-old tweeted.

And before you ask, yes, she had mama and papa Franklin's blessing for the well-earned tat.

"Hahaha yes they did!" she tweeted when asked, by fellow swimmer Matt McLean, if her parents had to accompany her to get branded. "They were very professional :)"

But don't expect her to be drawn back to the needle anytime soon.

"Getting a tattoo has never been something I ever thought I would do, but this one just has so much meaning to it and it is really something that you have to earn," she told the Today show last week. "It's an honor to have it."

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