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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns to the Big Screen! Five Things We're Pumped About From The Last Stand Trailer

    He's back alright!

    The trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand is in the wild and while you'd be forgiven for thinking the Governator is past his prime, given the wall-to-wall action and high-octane explosions, he proves he can still kick butt like the Ah-nuld of old.

    With all due respect to The Expendables 2, in what is ultimately an extended cameo, here are five things we're pumped about from the AARP-eligible Schwarzenegger's first starring role since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

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    1. Make a Run for the Border: The flick, directed by South Korean helmer Kim Jil-woon, is tailor-made for the (gasp!) 65-year-old action legend. Here he plays Ray Owens, who becomes sheriff of a quiet town along the U.S.-Mexican border after leaving the LAPD following a botched operation. Alas, his peace is shattered when a drug baron escapes from FBI custody and heads with his gang in the town's direction, busting through one police blockade after another and it's up to Schwarzenegger to stop them.

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    2. Paging Ghost Dog: Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker (Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, The Last King of Scotland) plays John Bannister, the agent directing the manhunt against the kingpin who needs Arnold to make a last stand.

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    3. Spot the Jackass! Sheriff Owens gets a helping hand from a sleazy-looking character named Lewis Dinkum, aka Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, who gets his fair share of gunplay in the movie (and unlike his adventures with his Jackass pals, this time thankfully, it looks like he didn't have to wear a catheter).

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    4. Going Commando: It wouldn't be a Schwarzenegger movie without some big guns and we're not just talking about the former Terminator's still-impressive physique. Here, he puts his muscles into unleashing a barrage against some baddies while Knoxville assists with the ammo.

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    5. Speaking of Baddies: He played the crazy kidnapper who infamously put Steve Buscemi's character through a wood chipper in Fargo. And now Peter Stormare goes toe-to-toe with Schwarzenegger as a villain in The Last Stand. It sould be a fun fight!

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