Robert Pattinson, Zipper

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Oh, Robert Pattinson, you didn't!

To be fair, the scorned star has had more than the usual talking points on his mind while making the publicity rounds in New York City for his latest film. And he was probably pretty darn tired after sitting down for interviews of varying probity with The Daily Show, Showbiz Tonight and Good Morning America and getting up early to ring the bell at the Stock Exchange.

So maybe that is why he seemingly failed to zip his jeans before facing the cameras at today's New York Times Talk Presents with Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg?

The 26-year-old actor's rather juvenile ensemble begged our attention for all the wrong reasons, anyway, but it was doubly devastating to see what appeared to be an unzipped fly further marring the already un-dashing photo.

Considering that Pattinson is usually a stunner no matter what he chooses to wear or fail to fasten, we'll take this fashion faux pas for what we assume it was: a blip on an otherwise spotless red-carpet résumé.

Let's just hope that Rob hasn't lost his will to zip entirely.

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