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    Ryan Lochte's 90210 Gig: "I'm Not Surprised...He Loves Acting," Says Olympics Teammate

    Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images, Tyler Clary/Getty Images

    And the Academy Award goes toRyan Lochte?!

    OK, the star Olympian has only just booked his first acting gig with a guest spot on TV's 90210, but it sounds like he's got Hollywood on the brain.

    "That's awesome," fellow gold medalist swimmer Tyler Clary told me last night at the premiere of Hit & Run about Lochte's small screen debut. "But I'm not surprised at all. Ryan's that type of guy. He loves drama, he loves acting and he loves the whole theater and cinema scene."

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    Clary admits he wouldn't balk if he got a similar offer.

    "It's not something that I've thought, 'I really want to do this,' but I don't think it would be something I would be challenged taking up doing," he said. "Don't get me wrong—I think it's very challenging, but I think I have it in me to do it."

    We do know Clary already has an in with the peeps making the sequel to Thor.

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    "I was deejaying at China White [in London] and I was getting ready to go on and the club director tapped me on my shoulder and said, 'Tyler, I want you to meet someone,'" said Clary, who goes by the name DJ Copacetic when he's spinning music.

    "And this guy was like, 'I'm Zach Levi. I'm on Chuck and I'm here filming the sequel to Thor,'" he continued. "He goes, 'I heard you were deejaying and I wanted to come meet you.' That blew my way."

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