Mila Kunis, Psy, Terry Crews, Stars Earn Stripes

Albert E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Chris Haston/NBC

OK, so we knew Mitt Romney would be all up in the headlines this week with his newly anointed running mate, but we never expected to Paul Ryan to permeate the greater pop culture omniverse with so many choice fake news stories, Photoshop oddities and one of the funniest memes this side of ermergerd.

Likewise, we're well aware that summer is prime time for unstoppable dance jams, but no one could have predicted that our beloved "Let's Have a Kiki" would be unseated by a South Korean rapper as the season's supreme ear candy—30 million YouTube viewers can't be wrong, right?

Grasping for the familiar, we turn to you, Terry Crews: Please continue to comfort and beguile us with your recliner-sized biceps and unflappable awesomeness and we'll keep watching you on Stars Earn Stripes.

Throw in a new Girl Scout cookie obsession and you'll have our current pop culture obsessions. Just let us know what we're missing in the comments. Please and thank you.

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