David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Mick Jagger

Kevin Winter, Ollie Millington/Getty Images; Kavin Mazur/WireImage

The guys behind "Jumpin' Jack Flash" apparently didn't jump at the chance to be part of the Olympics closing ceremony.

In fact, the Rolling Stones were just one of several musical acts who were offered a chance to perform at Sunday's big event, but declined, The Guardian reports.

So who else opted out?

Well, in addition to Mick Jagger and Co., David Bowie, Kate Bush and the Sex Pistols also decided not to appear.

Of course, many Bowie fans watching the show probably thought Ziggy Stardust himself was going to be there after he was shown on screen prior to a live sequence that utilized his song "Fashion" as the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss strutted their stuff in the stadium. But alas, no.

In fact, the attempt by closing ceremony organizers to get Bowie was always an ambitious one seeing how he hasn't toured since 2006.

But all was not lost as folks still got the chance the see and hear such stars as George Michael, Annie Lennox, One Direction, the Spice Girls and The Who.

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