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    Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Blow Stuff Up in New Red Dawn Trailer!

    Boom. There's your one word summary of the new trailer for Red Dawn and seemingly everything you need to know about this action packed flick.

    But in case you need a little more info, the flick stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and tons more (including Tom Cruise's son, Connor) as they battle to take back control of the good ol' USA. We rounded up five things we learned from this first look and, well, they're explosive. Literally.

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    Red Dawn

    1. Chris Hemsworth Kicks Ass...Again! Not that we're complaining, by any means, because this is the Hemsworth we know and love. Chris plays a Marine named Jed in the flick—oh, and if you forget that he plays a Marine, it appears he has a giant "USMC" tattoo to remind you—and his certain skill set appears to be on full display here.

    We fully expect speeches about honor and pride (including lines like "We inherited our freedom. Now it's time to fight for it!"), a handful of gratuitous bicep shots, naturally, and enough badassery to have us shouting "OMThor!"

    Red Dawn

    2. Lots of Guns: No, seriously. If there's one standout star of this movie, it's the metal one that's full of ammo. Hmm, wonder if all those guns got their own private trailer on set...Anyways, we counted about 40 different guns in just this two minute trailer (yes, we tried counting), which leads us to believe there will be exponentially more scattered throughout the full-length movie.

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    Red Dawn

    3. Lots of Stuff Goes Boom: What isn't shot is exploded. Get used to seeing giant balls of fire, people, because Red Dawn has 'em by the dozens: Planes blowing up. Blown up planes blowing up houses. Rocket launchers blowing up buildings. Cars blowing up. More buildings blowing up. Bombs, bombs, bombs. More stuff blowing up. Fire balls galore. You get the picture.

    Red Dawn

    4. A Familiar Face...Kinda: We meet Josh Peck's Matt (younger brother to Chris' Jed) during a high school football game that looks straight out of Friday Night Lights, but that's not the only thing that may tickle your memory. If Peck looks familiar to you, it's because he was a long-running lead on Drake & Josh, though he's shed quite a few pounds since his Nickelodeon days.

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    Red Dawn

    5. Oh Hey, Josh Hutcherson: Red Dawn was shot in 2009 and has been…well, "on its way" to your local theater ever since. What may have given that little extra boost it needed? Star power like The Hunger Games' Hutcherson, who returns to the woods in this movie (though with brown hair instead of Peeta blonde). Guess Red Dawn—which hits theaters November 21—will have to hold us over until Catching Fire.

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