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    Model Lauren Scruggs: "I've Gained a New Perspective on Life"

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    Lauren Scruggs, Savannah Guthrie, Gabby Douglas
    Lauren Scruggs, Savannah Guthrie, Gabby Douglas Twitter

    Lauren Scruggs is definitely making progress in more ways than one.

    Eight months after losing both an eye and a hand after unknowingly walking into a plane's propeller, the model and fashion blogger spoke publicly for the first time about the horrific incident on Thursday's Today.

    "I'm feeling good," a smiling Scruggs said while chatting with Savannah Guthrie in London's Olympic Village. "I think, physically, it's good that I'm off my pain medication and haven't had pain since January, so that's a blessing. Emotionally, days are hard sometimes, just accepting the loss of my eye and hand, but it just gets better and I realize that God is in control of my life and there's a purpose in this story. Spiritually, I've just learned to live by faith and not by sight."

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    Scruggs added, "It's just good to be out in public just as I am and to let people know that I'm doing OK and healing."

    As for the Dec. 3 accident that changed her life forever, 24-year-old Scruggs admitted she recalls very little.

    "I remember my feet touching the ground and getting out of the plane, but that's all I remember," she said.

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    Scruggs went on to point out that she has since "gained a new perspective on life" and hopes to "inspire others just like people have inspired me."

    As for who has inspired her, she brought up gold medal U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, who subsequently surprised Scruggs on camera.

    "This means so much to me," Douglas told Scruggs. "Keep staying strong. Keep shining."

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    Lauren Scruggs: Model Survivor



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