K. Michelle, Love & Hip Hop, Rich Kids, Jessica Biel

VH1, richkidsofinstagram, ©2012 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Wow, with all this running and swimming and crying and #jeah-ing, you'd think the Olympics are the only pop culture game in town right now. Well, not exactly. Only kinda.

Have you seen these rich kids on the Instagram? Or Jessica Biel's amazing lips in this movie about the future, which isn't so bad? And have you heard this Ruby Sparks soundtrack? Then you should check them out, immediately, this very second.

See, we loved sharing The 100 Best Things in Pop Culture so much that we're doing it again, every week. Just not 100 things. Maybe 10 things. Something like that.

We'll be highlighting the jams we download, the shows you should be watching, the movies worth your cash, the Tumblrs we follow, and all the other things in pop culture are, well, the best things. 

What's your favorite? Make sure and share with us in the comments.

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