Alexandra Raisman

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Aly Raisman's Olympic moment was a golden one indeed.

In the wake of becoming Team USA's most decorated gymnast at the games (thanks to her team gold, individual gold for floor exercises and white-knuckled bronze for the balance beam), the pint-size athlete took to Twitter not only to wax thankful to her fans and parents, but to field the sudden influx of proud congratulatory messages from celeb fans—including the unlikely man who has fast become the games' most avid fan: Lil Wayne.

 "Wow what a day!!!!!!" Aly tweeted following her double win. "It was the perfect ending to an amazing Olympic experience. I loved every second of it, thank you everyone for the love."

She also took time out to quote some oh-so-appropriate Nicki Minaj lyrics, tweeting out, "I wish I could have this moment for life."

And of course Aly also thanked her parents, whose emotions on display during her competition were watched almost as closely as the athlete herself.

"Thank you to my amazing parents! Love them so much. So thankful for their love & support all these years. I couldn't ask for better parents."

As for those celeb kudos, well, they were rightly rolling in...

"Aly Raisman, you're golden!" the rapper tweeted. "You're awesome!"

Jessica Alba proved herself to be another fan of the gymnast, writing, "Miss Aly_Raisman - U rocked this #olympics - so proud of u! #teamusa."

"Aly_Raisman, your floor exercise was incredible!" Zach Braff chimed in. "I wish people danced like that to Hava Nagila in my neighborhood."

Joe Jonas also got in on the congratulatory action, tweeting, "Wow @Aly_Raisman and the women gymnasts are incredible...GO USA!" That one Raisman didn't just retweet, but replied to, humbly telling the pop star, "thank you :)))."

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