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Fifty Shades of Grey Scoop: Bret Easton Ellis Out, New Products Released

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Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey

Ready for more Fifty Shades of Grey scoop than you could shake a riding crop at?! Well, gird your loins and remember your safe word, because—as if pop culture weren't saturated enough by the sexy novel—today was an onslaught of news concerning Christian Grey and his erotic ways.

First up, Twitter was abuzz with who will bring Anastasia and her mysterious man to the big screen...or, more precisely, who won't. American Psycho and The Canyons (the latest Lindsay Lohan movie) writer Bret Easton Ellis has made it no secret that he wanted to adapt Fifty Shades for the big screen, even picking his dream Ana and Christian.

Alas, it looks like Ellis will have to content himself with being a lusty fan just like everyone else.

Find out which best selling series Fifty Shades out-sold (hint: It isn't Twilight)!

"It's a very major disappointment to announce that I've somehow been taken off the list of possible screenwriters for Fifty Shades of Grey," Ellis tweeted.

"Thanks to the fans for the months of intense support. Your awesome enthusiasm and great suggestions were instructive and meaningful to me," he continued

Instead, it's rumored that Universal and Focus have their eyes on four different writers. The Hollywood Reporter claims that producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti have four writers in mind: Karen Croner (Meryl Streep's One True Thing), Dan Fogelman (Cars, Tangled), Veena Sud (TV's The Killing) and Kelly Marcel (TV's Terra Nova).

Is Matt Bomer set to star in Fifty Shades...or has the Internet been duped?!

That's a lot of sci-fi, serial killers and children's fare, but Fogelman might seem most qualified in the sexy department for the recently Ryan Gosling-Steve Carrell vehicle Crazy Stupid Love, which, as you surely remember, featured quite the steamy chemistry between Gosling and Emma Stone.

While we all anxiously await the movie—or at least some announcements about who will make that movie—the Fifty Shades train is hardly slowing down. Not when there's tons of products to shill out, at least!

The first of which is a soundtrack to set the mood for all your Fifty Shades desires (whatever those might entail! No judgment here!) EMI Classics is releasing Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album digitally on Aug. 21 and in stores Sept. 18.

Angelina Jolie? Emma Watson? Are these ladies really heading to the Red Room?

"I am thrilled that the classical pieces that inspired me while I wrote the Fifty Shades Trilogy are being brought together in one collection for all lovers of the books to enjoy," author E.L. James gushed about the compilation.The 15-track album features songs from Chopin ("Nocturne #1 in B-flat minor"), Bach ("Adagio from Concerto #3") and Debussy ("La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin") in a raunchy context we're sure would leave the composers blushing...with pride!

And while you eagerly wait for the Fifty Shades perfume (wonder what that will smell like) and lingerie inspired by the novel (we're assuming it won't be granny panties, that's for sure), you can go glam for your very own Mr. Grey.

Bobbi Brown cosmetics has announced a naughty line of makeup dubbed "Come Hither" shades. Their website explains, "Whether you love it, hate it or can't wait to stop talking about it, we were inspired to put together our own shades of grey."

Kellan Lutz sounds off on Fifty Shades

In summary: Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey has taken over the world.

(E!, Universal Pictures and Focus Features are part of the NBCUniversal Family.)

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