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    Ryan Lochte Wants a Girlfriend! "I Want to Give a Certain Someone My Heart"

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    London 2012 Olympic Games, Ryan Lochte
    London 2012 Olympic Games, Ryan Lochte MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

    Shedding a tear over the news Michael Phelps is settling down with girlfriend Megan Rossee?

    Well, dry your eyes, because the sexy and single Ryan Lochte revealed some exciting news to E! while hanging at the Speedo party red carpet in London Monday night: He indeed wants a girlfriend.

    Ladies, get in line.

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    "Yeah, I mean I definitely want a relationship. I want to give a certain someone my heart," Lochte dished to E! News before adding, "I mean, I just gotta find the right girl."

    So what's the right stuff for Ryan's perfect gal? Well, we know his ladylove must be fit, has to make him laugh and, of course, must be totally averse to one-night-stands (thanks for clearing up mama's comments, Ry!).

     And while we're sure the swimming stud already has lots of ladies in line, he'll be finishing up his time in London by hanging out with his family.

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    "I'm just gonna celebrate and hang out with my family. They are here until after I leave and I haven't yet gone sightseeing so I really want to do that," Lochte said. "I want to ride the double-decker buses and I want to get a tour of the city. I've been wanting to do that forever now."

    After earning five medals at the London Games, we'll certainly agree that the dude deserves a little downtime, but don't think he'll stop going for the gold anytime soon:

    "Yes. I'm definitely going another four years. You can count on me being in Rio, and you know what? If I'm still having fun in the sport then I'm gonna go for another four years."

    No complaints here! Is it too soon to get #RyaninRio trending?!

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