Upon learning that her slew of children didn't qualify as a "creative project," Octomom closed her Kickstarter and conjured up yet another money-making scheme. The mother of fourteen recently joined WhatsYourPrice.com, a typo-ridden web site for wealthy, sweaty-palmed weirdos to bid on a first date with someone they'd never stand a chance at courting otherwise.

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But if you've spent your adult life in your mother's basement practicing your "Party of sixteen, please," in the mirror, you're probably not loaded with ideas of how to impress on the first date with the woman of your dreams. Assuming she wouldn't take the money and run, here are five date ideas sure to leave Octomom begging for more (money).


As you stroll the romantic, brightly lit halls of the maternity ward, you'll be giving Nadya a chance to show off, as she gets high-fived by an entire staff of obstetricians.

Nadya Octomom Suleman, Hospital Staff

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Then find an empty room and listen to all fourteen of her labor stories as you feign amazement with empathetic comments like, "Wow. That's a lot of mucus plugs."

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It can only lead to a compelling romantic dialogue when Nadya asks that you watch the people for her. And then waits for them to start watching her.

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Build intimacy by comforting Nadya when she pretends to learn that she can't pawn her O-face.

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Impress Nadya with your knowledge of what jobs are, and how to fill out an application. She'll drool over your authoritative side as you teach Nadya that she'll need two forms of ID, and that her large assortment of c-section scars doesn't count. When she heads for the door, tell her that running away from job fairs technically qualifies as a job, and she'll stay.

Job Fair

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Nothing will turn you on more than watching Nadya play hard-to-get with a bunch of kids who need homes.

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