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    President Obama, Catwoman Fan: Anne Hathaway "Spectacular" in Dark Knight Rises

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    Anne Hathaway, Obama, Dark Knight
    Anne Hathaway, Obama, Dark Knight Warner Bros. Pictures, Olivier Douliery/PictureGroup

    Barack Obama played to his audience just purrfectly tonight.

    Talking about The Dark Knight Rises at a campaign fundraiser at producer Harvey Weinstein's Connecticut home, the president said that Anne Hathaway was "spectacular" in the film.

    "I got a chance to see 'Batman,' and she was the best thing in it," Obama said. "That's just my personal opinion."

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    The presidential lip service wasn't as random as it sounds—Hathaway, who laughed at Obama's flattery, was in attendance as one of the evening's cohosts, along with Joanne Woodward, Aaron Sorkin and Weinstein.

    And Obama made sure to make all the hosts feel special, noting that Sorkin "writes the way every Democrat in Washington wished they spoke."

    Also making the scene at the $35,800-per-plate dinner were Jerry Springer and Obama-fundraiser fixture Anna Wintour, who helped Sarah Jessica Parker fete the commander in chief and the first lady in New York in June.

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    "We've spent three and a half years trying to make sure this country gets back on its feet," Obama told the VIP crowd. "We have a lot of work to do, and we're not done. These gains are reversible. On a whole host of issues, you guys are the tiebreakers."

    "Recently in Aurora, we saw him put his arms around the people that needed him the most," Weinstein said of their guest of honor. "You can make the case that he's the Paul Newman of American presidents."

    Woodward's late husband, in addition to being an Oscar-winning Hollywood star, was perhaps just as well known for his philanthropic work, which included his Hole in the Wall Gang summer camp for seriously ill children.

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