Just in time for Halloween, Paranormal Activity 4 will be out to scare you silly.

Seriously, is there any synopsis eerier than, "The plot is undisclosed at this time"?

But from what we can gather, the fourth film in the low-budget, shaky-handheld series picks up where the sequel left off (the third film was a prequel), when the possessed Katie kills her sister and brother-in-law and makes off with their baby.

What else are we supposed to gather from the silent, shadowy woman holding hands with a little boy?!

Ariel Schulman and Howard Joost, who directed the third film, are back for another go-round, and this time they've added some webcam action courtesy of the pretty blond teen who senses that something isn't quite right about her new neighbors.

You know, like how they sorta just stand in her yard in the middle of the night and stuff.

Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters Oct. 19.

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