Olympic Tweets, Ryan Lochte

Twitter; Harry How/Getty Images

Haven't you heard? It's only worth saying if it's 140 characters or less.

OK, so that doesn't exactly apply to every scenario, but it certainly feels that way with the Twitter insanity of the Olympic Games. Not only does the #Olympics hashtag have its own Twitter page, but Olympic champions are trending on a daily basis.

And if that's not enough? Many of our favorite sports stars across the pond are using it to keep up with their fans.

Whether it's Dana Vollmer tweeting her reaction to her exciting world record, Michael Phelps expressing his disappointment over Saturday's 400-meter individual medley or Ryan Lochte simply tweeting inspirational words of wisdom, there's loads of Olympics' Twitter action that simply cannot be missed.

We've rounded up the best from celebs (talking to you, Justin Bieber!) and athletes so you can feel like you're getting the full Olympic experience, right from its London headquarters.

Because at this year's Olympics, it's all about expressing yourself (in 140 characters or less, natch).  

See the best Olympic tweets!

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