For those of you who've spent the day locked in a spray tan machine, please don't cry when you hear the news (it will ruin the tan) that casino mogul Adrienne and plastic surgeon Paul of Real Housewives fame have decided to cash in their chips, and walk away from their marriage as if it were just another vodka-sponsored pool party!

It's sad to think that after nearly ten years of marriage, the implant of love can slip right out of the armpit from where it was once surgically inserted…leaving us with only a saline-filled reminder of all that's been forsaken, and the burning question of whom she'll trust enough work on her face.

According to Adrienne, she needs to do what's best for the kids; which also includes splurging on a new set of $550 wine glasses, a diamond-encrusted tennis court, and signing on for another season of Real Housewives. I mean, how are the kids supposed to cope it they can't do it with the support of 2.8 million viewers?

Maloof Diovorce Soup X2

If you think they're the only ones with a 9021-something zip code who've fallen upon hard times, you need to re-watch Beverly Hills Chihauhua. If anything, it might give you hope that in Paul could have a change of heart and chase Adrienne to Mexico, just so we can have a break from all of this.

via E! Online

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