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    New James Bond Skyfall Trailer: Five Things We Learned About the Latest 007 Flick

    Dainel Craig, James Bond 007 YouTube

    James Bond keeps making headlines.

    Fresh off creating a memorable moment with Queen Elizabeth II during the Olympics opening ceremony and whetting our appetite for action with a Skyfall teaser during coverage of the summer games over the weekend, the superspy now goes for the gold (so to speak) with a new full-throttle trailer.

    Here now are five things we learned from watching Daniel Craig & Co.

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    James Bond, Skyfall Sony Pictures

    James Bond Is Dead?! OK, so we don't actually witness the demise of 007 here, but he does take a bullet and subsequently fakes his own death with a little help from M (Judi Dench). Eventually he's brought back to "life." Which is a good thing, of course. Otherwise, we'd be looking at the shortest Bond movie ever.

    James Bond, Skyfall Sony Pictures

    Premise Revealed? Ralph Fiennes tells Dench: "Three months ago, you lost the drive containing the identity of every agent embedded in terrorist organizations across the globe." Enter, yep, you know who.


    James Bond, Skyfall Sony Pictures

    Javier Bardem's Baddie: And here we thought his Oscar-winning performance in No Country for Old Men was creepy. (But we mean that in a good way!)

    James Bond Skyfall Poster Revealed

    James Bond, Skyfall Sony Pictures

    The Return of Q: Yes, we've known for some time that Ben Whishaw would be portraying the franchise's gadget-loving comic foil, but to finally see him actually do his thing assures us that Bond is in good hands.

    James Bond, Skyfall Sony Pictures

    Keeping It Clean: Who's ever heard of a scruffy superspy? Thankfully, Bond girl Eve (Naomie Harris) proves that she not only has a way with a gun, but a razor, too.


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