An actor's search for the perfect monologue can be an intimidating task—particularly finding one that hasn't been done to death--and now instead of selecting one from a dog-eared Samuel French anthology, the internet provides an even broader selection, and therefore a bigger challenge.

That said, seasoned actor Chris Kipiniak finally narrowed in on one that resonated for him more than Laughing Wild or the standard Alec Baldwin outburst from the movie Malice. Plus it's still obscure enough that, in a desperate moment, he could also pull out his show-stopping British accent.

My wish for this post is that it shines a light on the singular beauty of the B.F.A., and that somewhere, noted playwright Dan B. isn't punishing himself too harshly for choosing such a pedestrian screen name. (No gum or flash cameras, please.)

And you know where you can post your review.

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