Fred Willard

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Now Fred Willard might think this is a lewd act on ABC's part.

E! News confirms that the last two episodes of the comedian's improv show Trust Us With Your Life have been pulled by the network and have instead replaced the Tuesday time slot with Wipeout reruns.

ABC made the decision to scrap the remaining original episodes almost two weeks after Willard was busted for allegedly engaging in a lewd act at an adult theater, but sources tell us that this schedule change has nothing to do with Willard's arrest.

Following his arrest, the actor was fired by PBS as the narrator of the new Market Warriors series, but claimed that he did nothing wrong, and tweeted"Wait til u hear my version; much more PG. & my review, lousy film, but theater would make a terrific racquetball court."

He continued to tweet, "I was not fired from TUWYL so B sure 2 watch Trust Us With your life Tues, ABC 9."

Spoke too soon, Fred.

The 76-year-old chose to enroll in an estimated two-week course, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Alternative Prosecution Program, to avoid charges. According to a City Attorney's rep, the case will most likely be dropped upon completion.

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