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    Sheryl Crow Gets Restraining Order: "Delusional" Man Threatened to Shoot Me

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    Sheryl Crow
    Sheryl Crow Toby Canham/Getty Images

    Sheryl Crow is looking to shore up her nest.

    The singer has obtained a temporary restraining order against a 45-year-old man, who, she claims, was ranting about her on Facebook and ultimately told an employee at the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles that he was going to shoot Crow.

    According to Crow, it appeared that Phillip Gordon Sparks "was deeply disturbed because his posts were delusional, rambling, filled with profanity and laced with angry rants."

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    The Grammy winner states that, according to what she heard from her personal manager, Sparks started writing about her on Facebook and online fan forums in April, accusing her of breaking into his home to look for his gun, as well as "filming him surreptiously," trying to get him arrested and stealing money from him.

    View the court documents

    Sparks also claimed that Crow and movie producer Harvey Weinstein were harassing him to keep quiet about a failed reality show, according to anecdotes from his posts included in Crow's filing.

    "All of these allegations are, of course, totally false," she says in her TRO petition, filed last Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court.

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    She says she was compelled to take action when she heard that Sparks had gone to the SAG office about a week ago and told someone he would "just shoot [Crow]."

    The 50-year-old mother of two, who revealed last month that she's been living with a benign brain tumor, also sought protection for her immediate family, in-laws, nanny, assistant and managers.

    A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14 on whether to make the temporary order permanent.

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