Justin Bieber


While most young girls riot over Justin Bieber and would do anything to get near breathing distance to the YouTube sensation, one lucky little lady has a much closer tie to the hit singer. Jazmyn Bieber, 4, has the privilege of calling the biggest hearthrob in the world her big brother. And to the delight of his baby sister, the 18-year-old still finds his role as one of the most important leading men in her life incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

Taking time off from making other females of the world swoon, the "Baby" star was spotted Wednesday showing off his tattoed biceps while tightly gripping his little sister's hand on a recent outing to Target.

While it's hard to believe that celebrities enjoy doing everyday things like the rest of us, you might be blown away when learning that the duo, accompanied by their father, Jeremy, also stopped by Subway during their trip to the Topanga shopping mall in Woodland Hills, Calif. Yup definitely not your standard ridiculous pop star extravagances. (OK, yeah, they had a bodyguard with them, too, but whatevs.)

"Love being a big bro," Biebs tweeted shortly afterward. The feeling is obviously mutual. Jazmyn looks quite happy.

With family coming before fame, you know he's going to be more than all right in the long run; his little sister's got his back.

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