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    New Life of Pi Trailer: Instant Reaction

    Life of Pi

    What do you get when you strand a young boy and a Bengal tiger together on a lifeboat?

    Big screen magic hopefully!

    The new trailer for Ang Lee's highly anticipated Life of Pi has been hit the Web, giving moviegoers their first in-depth look at the fantasy-adventure based on Yann Martel's acclaimed 2001 novel.

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    Life of Pi

    Man Overboard! The story revolves around an Indian youth named Pi traveling on a freighter that goes down during a violent storm in the Pacific. 

    Life of Pi

    Sole Survivor: Pi manages to hold on for dear life to an emergency life raft, the sole human to escape the sinking ship. But little does he realize what comes next…

    Life of Pi

    Lions Hyenas, Tigers and Bears Zebras, Oh My! Out on the open water, he quickly discovers he's in the company of wild, exotic animals including a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, the last of which figures prominently in the teaser. Forced to rely on his survival instincts, Pi feeds Parker to avoid being eaten himself, and the tiger goes for a swim as the two work to stay alive.

    Life of Pi

    Gone Fishing: With little to eat and growing delusional by the day, Pi and Parker get lucky thanks to some flying fish that swamp their schooner.

    Life of Pi

    Thar She Blows: Out on the open water as long as he is, it's no surprise Pi begins to see some incredible things…delusions maybe…but enchanting nonetheless—like the giant whale that surfaces and launches itself over their boat. It's gonna be a wild ride all right.

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