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The Dark Knight rose...but what's next?! Fans are clamoring for another installment, but not with the Caped Crusader. Instead, they have a certain cat burglar in mind (paging Anne Hathaway!).

Should we expect to see Selina Kyle on the big screen by herself anytime soon? And in other franchise news, is Twilight's Kellan Lutz interested in possibly entering the Red Room of Fifty Shades of Grey? Plus, we've got scoop on Matt Damon's Elysium and Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs movie.

Let's be honest: while she certainly was no Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway was the best part of The Dark Knight Rises. Do you think she'll get a spinoff Catwoman movie?!

The short answer: Probably not. And it has nothing to do with Halle Berry ruining the franchise (well, not everything to do with it). Director Christopher Nolan understands where you're coming from, saying "The things she does in those heels is not to be taken lightly...I certainly think she deserves [her own solo movie], she's incredible." We have Nolan's blessing, so why does Catwoman Rises seem so unlikely?

"I think it would be lovely to see more of her but only if it's with the right people. She lives in [Nolan's Gotham City] and so it would have to be established by the people who have made this Gotham City," Anne said about a spinoff. And since Nolan is done with superheroes, his Gotham is dunzo. Plus, lady superheroes aren't a studio fave (how lame, eh?!)—just ask Scarlett Johansson, who's been playing second fiddle to dudes for many super movies now.

Ashton Kutcher is fine in rom-coms and other funny stuff (he'll always be Kelso to me, though), but does anyone really think he can pull of dramatic stuff like this Steve Jobs role?

Looks like it! Though Steve Jobs might be too excited about that. We caught up with Ashton Kutcher's costar, Brad William Henke, at Outfest's Closing Night Gala premiere of Struck by Lightning and he happily weighed in on Kutcher's impersonation skills: "I feel like Ahston was doing a great job," he gushed to us. "I think that he's right on and subtle and I think [people] are going to be very impressed.

So there's the good news. The bad? The movie, entitled simply Jobs, might be a bit too honest for Jobs enthusiasts. "It's very honest I think in that he took credit for a lot of stuff," Henke laughed when asked if the Apple genius would approve. "I don't think he would like it…The good and bad. It's very real."

With Breaking Dawn ending, I'm excited to see what kind of projects the vamp kids will take from here. Like Kellan Lutz. Maybe Fifty Shades of Grey could be his next project?!

With those abs and affinity for showing them off, Kellan would be perfect to grab a ball gag, some whips and chains and get ready to seduce the pants off of a post-Twilight Seattle. But while the actor has publically made some jokes about the Fifty Shades saga, he shouldn't commit anytime soon. At least, not without knowing what he's getting himself into.

"I haven't read it yet, I hear that I should," Kellan told us recently. "Maybe if there's an audiobook, that would be fun. But I actually read an article that it was very much Twilight relatable in terms of characters and their friends and siblings and how they look. So, I'd actually love to read it sometime. Seems like a fun book to read." To which Ashley Greene correct him, "An adult book to read." We're with Ash on this one.

What. Is. Elysium. I love Matt Damon and can hardly find any information on his latest project. Can you tell me anything about it?!

Here's the Reader's Digest version: It's about a man—that'd be Matt—who lives on a poverty stricken, post-apocalyptic Earth while Jodie Foster and all the other rich folk live in a glitzy space station. Matt explained to us, "You recognize the world that we're in, but then there's s--t in it that isn't in our world. You're in a third world country…but suddenly there's a spaceship that looks so real that you're like 'Well, clearly they built a spaceship for this movie.'"

And the effects? Killer. "He showed me a shot of a spaceship landing," Damon says of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. "He was like, 'That's the best spaceship that has ever been captured on film.' He'd pause it and go frame by frame and say, 'Look at the heat distortion of the jet.' He's the guy who makes a movie for special effects geeks who try to poke holes in that stuff.

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