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Why Is Matt Lauer Sporting Mike Tyson's Facial Tattoo?!

Not only is Matt Lauer a morning news pro, but turns out, the Today show host has a little late night snark up his sleeve!

Lauer stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday evening sporting none other than Mike Tyson's signature face tattoo and generated a slew of laughs (and some interesting looks) from the studio audience in the boob tube stint.

So, what's the scoop on the sitch?!

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"Can I just ask what is going on?" Fallon says when Matt sits down.

"I don't want to talk about it," Lauer deadpans. "Seriously. I feel like a tool."

Matt continues, in mock embarrassment, explaining why he chose to sport the tough-guy's signature look:

"So I'm on the phone with one of your producers today and we're talking about the segment. And I'm on my car phone, you know bad connection. And at the end of the segment, I guess what he said was 'Mike Tyson's on tonight' well I thought he said, 'It's Mike Tyson night tonight."

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Cue the audience laughter as Lauer continues, "So I immediately went downtown and got this," he admits with shame. "This will wear off in six weeks."

And as for Lauer's solution to his impending Olympics coverage? Well, he's got an answer:

"Six weeks, they got make-up. It's alright."

Unfortunately, Mike and Matt didn't share any screen time (or tattoo comparing)—Tyson came out after Lauer left the show.

Here's hoping for a tattoo face-off next time around! Talk about great late night TV.

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