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UPDATE: All's well that ends well! Hyland told E! News that "everything's been worked out. The Mirage has been very kind to us."

Her boyfriend explained, "I think the tabloids caught it a few days later, after it was worked out. As soon as we tweeted they responded within a few minutes and were extremely nice."

And luckily, Hyland got (most) of her stuff back. "All is forgiven. All is forgiven, but by the time the story broke, I guess, then everything had already been fixed."


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—and sometimes that includes one's wallet stash.

Per Twitter, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland's boyfriend, Matt Prokop, got robbed during a recent stay at The Mirage Las Vegas.

"Gotta love getting robbed in Vegas… #fml," Prokop, 21, tweeted on July 14.

He went on to explain that $1,200 "was stolen out of my wallet while we were in the pool"

So did the actor go on a rampage?

Nope, looks like he knows that what comes around goes around. He tweeted the hashtag "#karmasabiatch."

That doesn't mean that he wasn't hoping the hotel would catch the thief. Sadly, they don't appear to have identified a suspect.

"Wow the #mirage in Vegas sucks," he tweeted on July 17. "Security team couldn't do anything lesson learned NEVER going back!"

Hyland, 21, also took to Twitter to blast the hotel.

"You'd think a "four diamond award winning resort" such as @TheMirageLV has security cameras to catch thieves.," she wrote. "Won't ever be staying there."

She also alerted the hotel that her beau "has emailed you. Waiting for your response."

The hotel responded to the couple the same day on Twitter. "Hi Matt & Sarah. We've responded to your email.," the Mirage Las Vegas account wrote. "Review at your convenience & let us know how best to contact you."

We've reached out to Hyland and Prokop's reps for comment.

—Additional reporting by Brett Malec

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